About Us

By pacience, he meant to preserve, endure, not to give in.

We dreamed of ....

.... true beauty

As the economic development is being accomplished, the world's middle class is rising bringing in the new luxury, sometimes in a way to debase the value of the inheritance of our wisdom and tradition. It makes us feel sorry that the 21st century conflicts could be, astonishingly, hinge on the small battles of middle class versus the new middle class, without nervous system (I write this way for a good reason) and musles, susceptible to psychological magic wands (dark apple). (This is the reason that the late afternoon hours and the quality of life, pursuing happiness, are so important for us. We assume that the highness of quality can be recognizable and favorable to everybody in general public is a key to the peace of the 21st century world.

of which we can be.

"The last chapters of the eleventh century Japanese novel "The Tale of Genji" predicts the coming of pessimism on earth due to decadent-age theory after the prince Genji went up to heaven. Without the good hierarchy of Royal system and the higher education systems, the world would be tattered by the coming of the vacillating new "luxury.'"